The Beginning of Mexican Vanilla

Mex VanillaHey ya’ll, this is my first official blog post. Eeek, I’m nervous. I’m trying really hard to be grammatically correct, but also trying to add in my sense of humor and my everyday slang. Bear with me.

Why Mexican Vanilla you ask? Well, well, well, let’s take it back to the year two thousand and ten. You see, my then boyfriend and now husband – Daniel – and I decided we wanted some ice cream. We stumbled into the little ice cream shop called Amy’s Ice Cream. As we were salivating at the mouth trying to figure out what we wanted, we noticed a flavor called ‘Mexican Vanilla’. We had to try it and as fate prevailed, it became our FAVORITE flavor. We mixed it with crushed Oreos and strawberries. Go TRY IT, you will not be disappointed.

And then I realized,  “OMG, this is totally us. You are the Mexican and I am the Vanilla! Get it?” <Cue the light bulb in my head and Daniel rolling his eyes because he got it way before me.>

A few years down the line and many scoops of Mexican Vanilla ice cream later, we had our first Mexican Vanilla baby, a girl, Kapri. We couldn’t stop at just one and last December we welcomed our second Mexican Vanilla baby, a boy, Ezra.  Both the perfect mix of us.

So now here we are. Our little family. A little bit of Mexican, a little bit of Vanilla – a true (and literal) reflection of us. I’m excited to document our lives and adventures as a Mexican Vanilla family. Welcome to our sweet life. Grab some Oreos and strawberries and enjoy yourself.


9 thoughts on “The Beginning of Mexican Vanilla

  1. The first time I met you was at a wedding and my first thoughts were “you” were a lucky girl! You see, I watch Daniel from the time he was a freshman in high school to his senior year behind the plate as a varsity catcher for one of baseballs best, Coach T. He was such a fine young man! Fast forward to now; and my thoughts of one of you being lucky have not changed, only now I say, “He is the lucky one!” You are an amazing wife, mom and person! Love you both!

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  2. I like your blog! And I also like the blending of the two cultures. It will be an interesting ride as we have experienced in my family. I only wished mine would have learned Spanish! As adults, they do too. Lol good luck! You have a beautiful little family.


  3. Daniel, is my sister’s first born and he has been a gift to our family since day one. He is a great big brother and honors his parents family traditions while fusing an old-school mentality of raising his children in a new-age household. Katie is a beautiful, complimentary life partner. Together they have created a family that truly inspires. Kapri is an enchanting little spit fire that you can’t take your eyes off of and Ezra always has a smile that implies he is welcoming your embrace. Their stories of trips out of the country and weekend finds at a yard sale in quaint little towns are always hilarious and charming. Katie’s creations for the parties are adorable. Her tasty treats are a perfect blend of a homemade personal touch with bakery worthy presentation. Daniel has become a handy man with his reclaimed-wood projects. A man can never have enough power tools. These two along with those funny off-spring are gonna be a force!


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