Ezra Duke’s Birth Story

How does the saying go? “When you make plans, God laughs,”.. yea that seems about right. God definitely showed us who was in charge, Him.

I had a normal pregnancy I would say. I was pretty nauseous in the beginning and always exhausted trying to keep up with a toddler, but other than that I felt fine. My due date was January 11, and I had a scheduled c-section for January 4, 2018. My first delivery was by c-section (stay tuned for Kapri’s birth story) so I knew that was how I was going to deliver this Mexican Vanilla too. I was totally going to be all cute and wear makeup this time though, and do my hair in braids so I looked good in the pictures. It was all planned out. I had time.

All was going well. I only had two more weeks of school and then I was off for Christmas Break. We didn’t have much ready for the baby, but I still had time. I had all of Christmas Break to get things ready. <Cue God chuckling.> Then we started to notice something was off with Kapri. She was pooping WHITE. Ummm.. what the heck is going on? She started to scream bloody murder anytime she tried to use the restroom, it was heartbreaking. We talked to the doctor and she said give it a few days and see if it continues. A few days passed, she was still miserable, and I came down with what I think was the flu. And then the contractions came. Just Braxton Hicks, right?

Then Monday came. We were told that if Kapri was still pooping white and screaming all the time, to take her to the ER to check her liver. Ok. Daniel and I worked it out and we would take her in the afternoon. I went to work. A few minutes at morning duty and I noticed something was definitely off. It wasn’t my flu symptoms, it was something else. Uhhhh. I’m pretty sure my water just broke. I hustle to my classroom and grab my phone to call Daniel. He didn’t answer. Ohhh helllll nooo. You better pick up your phone, NOWWWW!!! He did.  (Want to guess what he was doing? Working out. <Insert eye rolling emoji here.> )

We drove to the hospital.

We came to the conclusion in the truck that they would probably just send me home or put me on bed rest.  We decided to have our moms bring Kapri so we could just take her to the ER at the same hospital and get all of her stuff situated once I was done getting checked out.

I walk into labor and delivery ready for them to tell me to take it easy the next few weeks. They hook me up to the monitors and then I got swabbed. The nurse said, “yep, it’s amniotic fluid.” And Daniel looked at her (bless his heart) and asked, “So what does that mean?” The nurse replied in a super peppy voice, “You’re having your baby today!!!” <Did you hear that? Yep. That is God belly laughing at my original plans.> 


Daniel and I turned to each other in disbelief.  We had NOTHING ready. No hospital bags. No washed baby clothes. No NAME for this baby.  Nothing. So as my baby girl was in the ER getting blood drawn and x-rays done, I was being wheeled into the operating room. Is my baby girl going to be OK? Is this baby still inside me going to be OK?  This was NOT how it was ‘supposed’ to go… according to MY plans.

As I was laying there on the operating table, losing all the feeling I had in my legs, I felt this strength come over me. Ok. This is HIS plan. I need to trust HIS plan.


On December 18, 2017 at 12:43 p.m. (4 weeks early), Ezra Duke cried for the first time. The tears rolled down my face. He was here. This beautiful and perfect, 20 inch, 6 lbs and 13 ounces of Mexican Vanilla was here. A healthy boy.

There was no stay in the NICU for being a late pre-term baby, Kapri’s tests and x-rays came back normal, all was good! It was just a bad case of constipation. Thank you Jesus! She went home with my mom that night while we stayed at the hospital.

Then a fever hit Kapri.  It’s probably just a side-effect of the constipation. Nope. It was the FLU. The doctor didn’t want her anywhere near the baby. We just became a family of four, we are supposed to all be together! Oh and Ezra was losing too much weight (late pre-term babies sleep all the time and never want to wake up to eat, I thought I just had an easy baby!). I broke down. Why is this happening all at once? And it’s Christmas time!

It was hard. I cried A LOT. This was a trying time for our little Mexican Vanilla family.  I felt guilty, sad, stressed…how did she get the flu? Was it from me?  Why does she still have a fever, it’s been 4 days already? She’s been at my parents for a week, when can she come home?  Why did my body go into labor early? Did I fail my baby boy?  What if he catches the flu? He’s still too little! I remember Daniel holding me while I cried. Never showing his stress or how worried he was. He was truly my rock, our rock.

This too shall pass… and it did. We got through it. As God intended.

In Hebrew the meaning of the name Ezra is: Help, helper. Thank you, Ezra, for helping to make our family stronger and reminding us how powerful God is, his love for us, and our love for each other.

Kapri held her baby brother for the first time, almost 2 weeks after he was born.




6 thoughts on “Ezra Duke’s Birth Story

  1. Thank you for being so honest with Ezra’s birth story, Katie. Tears are streaming down my face as I sit in LAX waiting for my flight home. 🙏🏼

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  2. Wow. I had no idea you went through all that. Talk about Powerful. God has a way of stepping in just when we think we have it all figured out. Way to go on a successful delivery too! Love y’all!!

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