Chicken Littles

My husband has a new obsession: chickens.

We recently got four baby chicks as a Easter gift from my brother, and boy have these little chicks made their way into my husband’s heart. Every day he gets home he goes straight to those chickens – if he were to change diapers like the way he cleans out the chicken box, our kids would have pristine cheeks.

Meet his little girls:


Duckey – It only makes sense to name a chicken, Duckey, am I right? She’s the diva of the group. I mean, just look at that head turn!

Smokey – This one is his favorite. She can do no wrong. #daddysgirl

Rango – She’s the crazy one, always trying to fly out and what  not. The rebel. She will be the teenager that causes her daddy a lot of stress. Hmm… kinda like Kapri. Uh-oh.

Arlo – The shy and quiet one, pretending shes inconspicuous so Kaprizilla doesn’t try to pick her up. (Her name comes from the Good Dinosaur, one of our fave movies.)

Yes, I totally gave them all personifications.

He spends countless hours researching about his little pride and joys, and the type of chicken coop he wants to build. When the kids are both asleep you would think he would help clean up or cuddle up on the couch, no.  As you can see him pictured below, he is watching YouTube videos about chicken coops while eating ice cream, of course. He has no idea I took this photo. Ha! 


They are currently housed in a plastic tub, but he has big plans for them! I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines, our bff’s, but they recently aired an episode where they built a garden with a chicken run around it. Well people, that’s what we are going to do. Except this is all about the chickens, I’m just lucky enough for a few square feet for my garden.

He cleared out the spot where it’s all going to go. Working hard. Looking all rugged. Making his little chicks proud.


His plan is to build the entire coop and garden boxes out of salvaged wood. We love us some reclaimed wood!

We don’t have much time before the little chickens aren’t so little anymore so wish us luck, and stay tuned for the finished product in a few weeks!


3 thoughts on “Chicken Littles

  1. Oh my gosh! How cute and fun! This will be such a great project for Daniel to do with his babies! Teaching our little ones to love and take care of animals, especially animals that are smaller than us, is so important! Kudos to Daddy! And Kudos to Mommy for now having to be a Chick Mommy too! haha Love yall!

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  2. Katie, Daniel needs to talk to Tony’s nephew Forrest. He is building the most luxurious chicken condo I’ve ever seen. I’ll send you the video that I took when we were in St Hedwig on Easter. 🙂


  3. I can’t wait to see the finished project! 🐥
    My sister (his mother) had a chicken coop on her property when her boys were young. As I recall, her boys enjoyed checking on the chickens daily. Kapri is going to enjoy watching those chicks grow. She has proven to be a ‘Daddy’s girl’ when it comes to working in the yard.

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