Potty Training Fails

The regression is real, ya’ll.potty2

So before the birth of my son, Kapri was 99.9999999999999% potty trained. She slept through her naps and through the night, completely dry.  She went potty, got a heart sticker, and moved on with her life. Things were going smooth.

Then.. dun.. dun.. dunnnnnn…Ezra, the baby, came along. I was told that there might be a potty training regression when there is a toddler and an infant, but I felt like we were good. We were fine.


She completely regressed. It’s like she was flashed with one of those memory eraser thingys from Men in Black. Go potty in the potty? Ha. That’s a thing of the past. (Her constipation issues didn’t help either.) She HATES the potty now. We try to sit her down and she stiff legs us so we can’t.


We tried the ‘let her go naked’ method: nope she didn’t like her open bum out, and would just throw a tantrum until I put her “panties” aka “pull-ups” on.

We tried the ‘big girl only panties’ (Elena of Avalor to be exact) method: she had her accidents and peed all over the floors and carpets like a new puppy. She HATED that feeling so I thought it was working, but somehow we still ended up back in pull-ups.  (Not an easy clean-up when you have a newborn too.)

We tried the ‘bribing her with candy, fun toys to play with while sitting on the potty, a full tub of cookies and cream ice cream method’: nope.  Still won’t sit down on the potty. Come on kid, I’ll give you anything!!!

When I ask her, “Kapri, do you need to go potty?” She replies, “No, I’m fine.” in the most polite and sweetest voice. Well alrighty then. <Jim Carrey voice.>

kapri and ezra

I even said “Well you know what, since you don’t want to go pee-pee in the potty, you will have to wear a diaper like a baby.” That back-fired. She came to lay down next to Ezra when I was changing his diaper and said, “Look, Ezra, I went pee pee in my diaper too!” <Insert face to palm.>


She will tell us AFTER she goes in the pull-ups, “I went pee-pee”. So the question is… How do I get her to not HATE sitting on potty?

That leads us here…. with a 2 year old – technically 29 months, 129 weeks and 908 day old non-potty-trained toddler.

Until that glorious day comes, we are going with the flow (no pun intended) and waiting for her to let us know when she’s ready. I mean it’s my first kid. I’m allowed these potty training fails, right? Ezra, we got this. Let’s just hope your sister is potty-trained before you are.

Words of advice, motivation and/or potty prayers are welcome! 



6 thoughts on “Potty Training Fails

  1. All I can offer is: don’t worry too much! Kids are potty trained in their own time and it’s okay if they’re a little older when they are. I knew regressions are very real so I didn’t even bother training my son until his sister was almost 6 months old. He was almost 3.5 at the time and was fully trained within a month, day and night. I think it’s so much easier to just wait until the child is ready. Good luck. She’ll get there soon enough!

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  2. I had that problem too. Just give her time and she will let you know when she is ready. Mine told me she was ready when she wanted to go to school. I told her that she couldn’t go to school in diapers (pull-ups), so she sat in that potty and went.

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  3. Potty training is definitely one of those things that children have to be ready for or they will continue to have accidents. I am a mom of four and am telling you from experience that she will go when she is ready. My oldest was a boy and he was potty trained by the age of 2 with no accidents (he was ready), second oldest, a girl began 3 months before her 3rd bday with no accidents, third daughter potty trained herself before the age of 2 when she decided she wanted to wear big girl panties like sister,lots of accidents, (not ready), my youngest, a boy, was 4 years old and no accidents. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs btw.

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