Soto Wood Co.

My husband developed a love for woodworking maybe a year or so before we got married. He would spend countless hours at our old house in the garage, he called a ‘shop’,  building little things or trying to get rust off old tools. He went through this phase where he would try to find rusty tools at yard sales and flea markets to refurbish them. The potential! He would be so excited to show me how much rust he got off a hammer or an old saw  – imagine this big guy being all excited. Adorable.

Our love for reclaimed wood quickly grew too. Partly because we didn’t want to spend money on new wood, but mostly because we liked the whole distressed/old look. We would go out when neighborhoods had bulk trash pickups and dig through their “trash”. It sounds crazy, I know, but it was honestly so much fun. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, am I right?  We drove down the roads and I would be the one to roll down the window to scope and inspect the junk pile, and then tell Daniel if it was worth digging through. Yep. We are totally those people. This was the time before the whole Farmhouse decor became super popular. We found a ton of old windows and doors – the stuff people now sell.. All for FREE. We used a lot of it at our wedding.

Fast forward to now and Daniel has built and created some amazing things! He’s able to build pretty much anything. Oh, my hero! <Insert a fainting woman.> Our goal is to eventually have ALL of our furniture in our house built by him. Where did he learn how to do all this? He has a natural talent and then he watches a bunch of YouTube! He loves his YouTube. I would also call him a pallet collector. We have piles and piles of pallets. He picks up pallets at least once a week. He’s a pallet connoisseur and our land is a pallet museum. As I was leaving for work this morning, I kid you not, there were two pallets on the ground he must have picked up on the way home. Nice. We only have 100 other pallets that have taken root into the ground.


I have a whole list of things I want him to do. Again, a WHOLE list of things I want him to do…. We will be out shopping around and I will want something and he will say “Oh, I can build that.” Ok.  Yea, you can, but I want it right now. I’ll admit, I lack some patience. I guess a full time job and ensuring good craftsmanship is a good excuse.

Our dream would be to open up our own woodworking shop, and call it – Soto Wood Co., or something like that.  We’ve already completed a few custom orders, which is really exciting! His current project is the building of the chicken coop and garden boxes. The next project on the list is a sliding barn door for our closet. I’ll be sure to post the process and plans for that one!

Here are some pictures of just a few things he has built.
bar kitchenThis is the awning over our kitchen window. There was too much space in between the window and the ceiling and it looked awkward. I used my Joanna Gaines juju and designed the awning. It really adds dimension and that Farmhouse look to the kitchen. All reclaimed wood.


bar 3wood bar 2wood barThis is the bar that he built for his brother, and now wife as their wedding present. I totally wanted to keep it. All from reclaimed wood and tin. I think the only thing he bought brand new were the screws. So far, this is his most proud piece. He worked so hard on the craftsmanship, I bet it will withstand years and years of use.


headboardThe headboard in our bedroom. All from reclaimed wood from an old fence. It looks better with the bed done, but Kapri pulled it all of so..


wood tableHere is a tv stand that was built for a client. The ‘X’ design on the sides give it that Farmhouse look.


2 thoughts on “Soto Wood Co.

  1. Hi !
    Omg ! Love the work your husband did ! I’ve been searching everywhere for this specific fable design I want . I’m wondering if he could make one . I went to this two Mexican restaurants one I. Sedona and one in Tucson . I was just in love with the design of the table . Are u close by in Colorado ?


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