Ezra Duke | 5 Months

Well, it’s month 5 with you earth-side.

You are the happiest little baby and love being talked to. A total sweetheart. You love to smile and drool.  Give you a little attention, and you are good to go. Except when I get home from work on the weekdays. You have to be carried by your mama. I have mastered the art of cooking with a toddler on the counter and a baby on the hip. I can’t just carry you any old way. It must be on my hip, facing out. That way you can see the world, and know that mama still got yo back. I try to put you down and in the half second that I change positions to put you down, you instantly fuss. Then you instantly stop when I put you back on my hip. You got me wrapped around your finger.



Firsts. & Milestones.

I gave you your first haircut. And yes, I saved the cut hair. I’m sentimental, ok?  Will you let me always cut your hair? I hope so.

I got to celebrate your first Mother’s Day with you by my side. It was a perfect day.

You found your toes. And eat them like the chubby sausages they are.

You are a master at tummy time. You can scoot pretty well and try so hard to crawl. You will soon!

You came down with Roseola this month. That was not a fun time, but we got through it!



You’re a tummy sleeper. You used to sleep really good and only woke up once a night. You decided you ain’t about that life anymore and wake up every two hours. Good thing you’re adorable.

Let’s pray that improves.



Tubby. Chunky. Tubbs. Chubbs. Tunker. Bubba. Tubster.



Just mama’s milk. Going to start food soon!



Kapri. Your favorite person is, by far, Kapri. You may be a mama’s boy, but Kapri has your heart. I don’t know the  right words to describe y’all’s relationship. She is obsessed with you and you adore her. You can just watch her for hours. Your little legs start to kicking when she’s running around the house. You can’t wait to start running with her. You’ve accepted her craziness and let her do whatever she wants with you. You are HER baby, and you are very proud to be HER baby. I am the proudest mama to see all the love you both have for each other.

Eating your fingers. Those fingers must taste like chocolate because they are ALWAYS in your mouth. Sometimes you gag yourself and then frown at me because you don’t know how that happened.

Talking to daddy. You get real serious when you talk to daddy. I am certain you are tattle telling on your sister.

Having your junk exposed. Is this a man thing? You could be crying and as soon as i open that diaper up, you immediately calm down and put a smile on. You would be happiest completely nakie.   You love that fresh breeze. You lack no confidence, just like your daddy.

Standing. You love to stand and push off your feet. You’ve got some strong chubby thighs.

Looking at yourself in the mirror. You surprise yourself every time with how dapper you are.

Happy 5 months, little man. We love all of your double chinning self.


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