Thrift Store Fashion Finds Vol. 1

Who doesn’t love a great deal? I don’t think I have ever bought a piece of clothing full price. I just can’t do it. If it’s not on sale, it’s not going in my closet. Ain’t nobody got time for that! That brings me here to this blog post. The first volume of Thrift Store Fashion Finds. I’m all for reusing and saving the Earth and all. Who’s with me?

This all started with my sister-in-law, Isabel. She lives that college life on a college budget. She and her mom (my mother-in-law) LOVE to go thrifting. Digging up secret treasures in Goodwill or the Thrift Shop is a past time they love to do.   I’m always amazed with her thrift store finds and how she’s able to style them, and she decided to style me too! So we created this blog post series. Want to hear something great? She picked out all of these outfits without me being there, and they all fit perfect! We can call her the Finds and Steals Stylist!

In this segment, all clothing is from Texas Thrift in San Antonio. Take a look at  her thrifty finds and styles! College style and mom style, she can do it all!


The Hipster.

Black crop top: $2.98.

Top cover shirt tied in a knot: $4.98.

Mom jeans: $12.98


The Casual Patterns.

Shirt: $4.98 + 50% off

Shorts: $6.98


The Summer Cut Offs

Shirt: $3.98 (tied in a knot)

Shorts: $4.98

green short

The Green Short

Top: $4.98 + 50% off

High waisted shorts: $6.98 (still new)


The Well Traveled

Shirt: $3.98

Shorts: $6.98 (originally jeans that she cut into shorts)


The Patriotic.

Shirt: $4.98 + 50% off

Shorts: $6.98


Isn’t she talented and savvy?  No need to buy brand new when you can find amazing styles at your local thrift shop… for cheap.  Stay tuned for her finds, steals and styles next month!

Be sure to donate your unused and unwanted clothes to your local thrift store or Goodwill! Let’s keep up the recycling, y’all!

[Photos by Oscar Salinas aka The Instagram Boyfriend]

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