Ezra Duke | 6 Months

You are a half year old!

Firsts & Milestones.

Your 6 month birthday is bittersweet. You are growing and growing and I love it, but you’re growing up and time is going by too fast. I can see in your eyes that you can’t wait to go after sister. You will grow up soon enough, my love. Stay little for me just a little while longer.

You had your first trip to the beach this past Memorial Day Weekend. I’m sure you had no idea where we were, but you seemed to love it.

You spent your first nights away from home at Grandma and Pop’s house while mama and daddy were on retreat. You slept great for Grandma. I know with me, you just want more cuddles – and easy milk access. Grandma’s milk factory has been closed for years…decades.. going on centuries now…. so why wake up? (My mom is going to love me for that one. Ha!)

You had your first carousel ride, train ride, and splash pad experience at Morgan’s Wonderland. You’re pretty accomplished for a 6 month old.

You celebrated your first Father’s day with daddy.

Your hair has been falling out, but you are still as handsome as ever. You pull off the comb over.



You wake up about every 2 hours, almost on the dot, to nurse. Some nights you sleep longer than others. Even though I run on no sleep the majority of the time, I’ll pick you up anytime you need me. I’ve learned that babies don’t keep.

You still sleep on your belly with your hands underneath you – oftentimes with your butt in the air.




You tried mashed avocado for your first food. You didn’t know what to do with it and spit it all back out. Daddy said you better fix your ways because we’re an avocado eatin’ family! Ya hear? (I totally did that in a hick/redneck voice in my head while I typed.) Kapri ate what you spit back out – I’m telling you…that’s how much we love avocado. Baby drool? We don’t waste no avocado!

Until we find what you like to eat. Or you get on board with the whole avocado thing, mama’s milk it is.



I would still say your favorite is Kapri. Although, you do love that mama is home for the summer. I love it too.

Hair Pullin’. You get so happy and just grab and pull hair. You LOVE to pull sister’s hair. Thank God she’s hard headed.


Smiling. You love to smile. You smile at everyone. My happy, easy-going baby.

Jungle Monkey. You love that monkey that hangs from your activity gym/mat. You get mad at him a lot. Or maybe you’re just talking to him about life.

Chewing your fingers. Those fingers are always in your mouth covered with drool.


Happy 1/2 Birthday, Baby Duke Man! (I’m only two days late writing this.)


Here’s a  6 month photo shoot I did in the backyard of the tubster.

[Thank you to my assistant, Daniel, for holding the fence boards in the background for me. You may have been literally behind the scenes, but the way you held that fence with so much strength was impeccable. Also, you didn’t tell me to hurry up while I was playing photographer. Your patience made me weak in the knees.  Kapri, thank you for just being yourself.]

We were going for the carpenter, wood-working, handy-man look. (It was cloudy, but still sunny. Hence all the frownies.)




One thought on “Ezra Duke | 6 Months

  1. So adorable! My son slept just like yours. It was so cute with that little butt sticking up! How they sleep like that, I have no idea, but it’s just so cute! Happy 6 months!


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