Mexican Vanilla Took the Bahamas


It’s been a while since my last blog post. Sorry! We were a little busy vacationing in the Bahamas. I’m glad you’re here so you can read all about our trip. I’ll be quick and add mostly pictures, I promise.

This trip was the second “Friends Vacation Trip”, but our first.  The idea started several years ago when all of us couples decided we need to take a trip before everyone started having babies. Oh, perfect! Let’s do it! (Most of you know what happened next.) Then we got pregnant with Kapri a few months before.  Since it was to Antigua, we decided it was best we miss the trip.  Fast forward two years and the second trip was scheduled. This time we could go!

To be honest, I had anxiety about this trip ever since Ezra was born. The trip was booked and I didn’t want to back out, but I didn’t want to leave my new baby or Kapri. In the weeks leading up to the trip I felt excited, worried, anxious, stressed… all the above. My mom was going to have the kids the whole week and I knew she would take great care of them, but what if they needed Mama? All those thoughts went running through my head.

The night before we left we stayed at my parents. I cried almost the whole way there and told Daniel that I didn’t want to go. Screw the money and let’s just stay home with our babies.  He looked at me and rolled his eyes and told me we were going. Ha.

All of us couples have kids, so with that and work, it’s not easy to schedule a time that everyone can go on such a big vacation like this. There were a few couples that weren’t able to attend this trip. We had so much fun without them though. Haha. Just Kidding! Y’all were so missed!!

The couples in attendance:

Me and Daniel

Courtney and Geoff

Kelly and Danny


Day 1 

We arrived at our resort, Sandals Royal Bahamian, around noon. We were the first couple to arrive. At Sandals, it’s all inclusive – drinks, food, snorkeling, etc.! I ordered myself a pina colada the minute we got there! Here’s a look at Day 1 in Nassau, Bahamas!


Day 2 

We relaxed by the pool the majority of the day and then had a wine tasting in the evening. We had reservations at 9:30 for one of their fancy restaurants so we got all dressed up. (They have two restaurants out of the 10 on the resort that require reservations and nicer attire.) Any who, let’s just say our dinner plans didn’t go according to planned… we  totally went to the wrong restaurant. Oops! We had a lot of fun laughing at it later.


img_1182img_1187img_1197group picimg_1207

Day 3 

We went snorkeling in the afternoon. It was Daniel’s second time going snorkeling and he didn’t get sick! Yay! I don’t know why, but watching him swim makes me laugh. Maybe because he’s so big and bulky. Then one of his flippers came off in the water and he was too scared to dive and grab it so I had to get it for him. Who would have thought? Haha. Here’s a look at Day 3!



Day 4

We spent the day at the private island. Sandals has their own little private island offshore, separate from the main Nassau island. It was so quiet and relaxing. We all had such a great time. We even got to see a sea turtle – thanks to the luck of the Irish! Then we had to ride the boat back to the resort in a monsoon rain. That was an experience. Here’s a little look into Day 4!


Day 5

We took a trip to downtown Nassau (on a tight little bus) and did some shopping, saw the historical Queen’s Stair Case, and visited the John Watlings Distillery – only found in the Bahamas. Here’s a look at Day 5!



Day 6

Our last day! It was bittersweet. We enjoyed relaxing and eating all the food and drinking all the drinks, but we all couldn’t wait to get home to our babies.



We had a great time in the Bahamas with our best friends. A lot of sleep, a lot of drinks and a lot of food.  The next trip is already in the works, we just might have to bring our kids with us since we missed them like crazy!

Shout out to my parents for taking such great care of my babies, and for always answering my face time calls and texting me back right away.   I know I can go a little crazy if you don’t respond within 10 seconds. Hehe. WE SURVIVED!






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