Ezra Duke | 8 Months

You are 8 months old, little dude. You are the sweetest boy. You’re very quiet and don’t say a whole lot. I call you my sneaky, little, mischievous tubbers.  You fall over and don’t even cry (sister ALWAYS cried) it could be because you are built like a brick.  You are 100% boy, and we are all so smitten by you.

Firsts & Milestones

You are crawling! You have been on the move for a few weeks, and now you started pulling yourself up and standing. You don’t let those chubby thighs deceive anyone –  that’s pure muscle in there.  Your first trip to Port Royal and Rockport happened – it’s been a busy first summer for you! Your first little toof has broken through, and the second one is on the way!


You just started sleeping in your crib… in your own room. Not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy for me to let you be so grown up.  The first night I didn’t sleep at all and just watched the monitor and waited for you to wake up. You still wake up 2 to 3 times to nurse, but you seem to prefer sleeping in your crib over the pack-n-play in mommy and daddy’s room. Why do you want to be so independent already? Can I just keep you little forever and ever? You have a strict schedule and like to be asleep by 8 p.m. If not… well it’s no fun for anyone.


You love people food. You make anxious little grunts because we aren’t feeding you fast enough. I’m going to invent a little machine, like a ferris wheel with spoons, that I put in front of your face that just keeps feeding you. Mama’s milk is still your main food, and you like it straight from the source. Milk from a bottle? Ha. I just started back at work and you have been on a bottle strike. You will go the ENTIRE day without drinking any milk and wait for me to get home to nurse. You enjoy stressing Grandma out, huh?

Is this a sign you’re going to be a boob guy?



You love to crawl. Especially where you aren’t suppose to go. Cords and outlets? Yes, please! Sister never showed interest in the “bad things” like cords, small objects, and outlets. But you? You move your little chubby legs as fast as they go so you can try and  electrocute yourself. Thanks for giving me more stress.

Standing. It was just recently you started pulling yourself up on furniture, and that sure excites you.

Kapri. Y’all share some special kind of love, and it makes my mommy heart burst. She will tell you to jump, and you ask, “how high?” Seriously. You LISTEN to her! Whenever you are in your bouncer, and Kapri tells you to start jumping, you do! Then when she tells you to stop, you do! I wonder how long you listening to her will last?

Sister’s toys. Sister’s toys are WAYYYY better than any of your “dumb” baby toys. I mean, high-heel princess shoes? PUT IN MY MOUTH! Play kitchen food? Gosh, a plastic asparagus has never tasted so good! PUT IN MY MOUTH! Barbies? PUT IN MY MOUTH! A little crinkly and bright baby toy? Get that crap out of here.

Daddy and I always say that you are just happy to be here. Happy to be here with us. Happy to have all the family you do. Happy to sleep. Happy to eat. Happy, happy, happy, happy! Let’s keep doing happy things, Baby Duke Man!









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