Fall Decorating : Inside My Casa

Hi! Remember me? It’s been nonstop with work, football season, and looking after my offspring, but I’m back! Both kids are asleep and I’m finally dedicating some time for this blog post. Let’s see how far I get before one of them wakes up.

I had a request to do a fall decor post, and here it is. This is my very first blog post about decorating. I am a Joanna Gaines wanna-be, but I’m no pro-decorator. I have all these ideas in my head, but when I lay it out, it never turns out how I thought it would in my head. Does that make sense?

I’ve never been a big Halloween decorator. But since having kids, it’s a lot more exciting. I feel an addiction coming on.  I told my husband that I want to be that person that has every single room in the house decorated for each holiday. Yep. I’m going to be that person, and he’s going to love it. He rolls his eyes, but I know he loves coming home and seeing the Halloween Christmas lights on.

This year is actually my first year really decorating for Halloween. I’ve always had my typical Fall/pumpkin things displayed, but not much Halloween. The questions I had were… Do you display Fall first? When should you put Halloween stuff up? Do you mix the two? I have no idea what the “unwritten rules” are, but I went ahead and did both.

I started with Fall decor as my base. I brought out the leaves garland and the pumpkins (the basics), then I dropped in my Halloween. My reasoning is that once Halloween is over, I pick up all the Halloween junk and I still have my Fall base, were then I can add the Thanksgiving things.

For now (since I’m still building my Halloween stockpile), I have 4 main pieces in my home that I decorated.  Almost all of the Halloween decor you will see I bought this year. Your girl is on a budget so pretty much everything is from Dollar Tree or the Dollar Spot at Target. (Side note: I could easily spend $100 bucks at the Target Dollar Spot. It’s a magical, marketing mind trick. I’m like a little kid in a candy store.)

Tiered Stand. 

I have this tiered stand in my kitchen. I jumped on the tiered stand decorating band wagon, and I LOVE IT! Even more of a reason to clutter up my kitchen! Yay! No really, I love looking at it. I don’t love looking at all the dishes in the sink (I’ll save those for my mother-in-law, haha jk), but I adore my little stand.

ACS_0097ACS_0098October 31st sign – Hobby Lobby.

Gravestone, car and hocus pocus sign – Target Dollar Spot.

As you can see on the bottom, I used Fall leaves as my base and then just added in my Halloween. It’s hard to notice in the picture, but there is a little picket fence in there. I got that little baby for 10 cents at a yard sale!

Welp. I hear a baby… I got pretty far, right? Ok. I’ll be back.

{5 hours later I’m back, and the smallest babe is asleep in his crib and the other one is “swimming like a mermaid” in the kitchen sink.}



Home Sweet Haunted Home window sign – Target

Light up pumpkin – Hobby Lobby

Skeleton, bird skeleton, black hats sign, pumpkins, leaves garland, black rag thing, spiders, spider webbing – Dollar Tree

Wall Shelf Mantle 


Check out those cute little ghost feet! I LOVE having homemade decorations up, and these little ghost feet make my heart happy. Wood canvas, black and white paint, and some feet… and this mama has an adorable keepsake.

Fall leaves garland, skeleton garland – Dollar Tree


Floating Shelf


This shelf is above my sink in the kitchen. I’m calling this one my “mostly fall, with a sprinkle of skeleton.


TV Stand 



Pumpkins, tombstones – Target

White cloth, skull  –  Dollar Tree

I got the lights on sale last year after Halloween.


Don’t know where to start? Just cover everything in spider webbing! A little goes a LONG way… and will even last until next Halloween because it’s so hard to get off of everything. Ha.

I hope you enjoyed a little look into my Fall/Halloween decorating. Be sure to check back again next year! Hopefully I will have added another Tubbermaid bucket full of decor that my husband will have to find space in the attic for. He just LOVES going into the attic.





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