To My First, I See You

To my first, I see you.

It’s a lot different now. You aren’t my only one anymore.  You now have to share the attention that was once only yours. But I promise, I see you.

I see you dancing in the living room while I’m nursing the baby.

I see you playing with your baby brother and keeping him entertained while I’m making dinner.

I see you get so excited when I come home from work to see what surprise is left in my lunchbox.

I see you being so sweet to bubba. Sometimes sour, but mostly sweet.

I see you being patient while I put baby brother to sleep.

I see you waiting for me so we can play before you have to go to bed.

I see you sharing your books and toys with bubba.

I see you yearning for me when baby brother is crying and getting all my attention.

I see you wanting to be carried just so you can be next to me.

I see you pulling at me to play when I’m cleaning the house.

I see you wanting me to go to sleep with you just so you can have all my attention.

I see you learning and growing so much faster now. Much faster and I feel like I can’t keep up.

I see you becoming a little girl now. Not just a toddler.

I see you wanting to be just like me.

I know the baby takes up a lot of my time right now, and the days are so short that we don’t have much time together, but I promise, I see you.

Sometimes it may feel like you come second, but baby girl, you will always be my first.

8 thoughts on “To My First, I See You

  1. Katie, I love this! Always remember, you are a great mom. Your babies do know this. NEVER feel guilty! As a working mother, you do the best you can possible. Trust me, neither one of YOUR babies will ever say, ” my mom didn’t pay enough attention to me”. They know they are so loved! Great job!!


  2. And I ask you, were you crying as you wrote that? Most working mothers feel the same way and all have felt the same guilt. I’ve had those same thoughts and cried as I thought them. As the mother of grown boys, I look back and realize they became loving, good, healthy, responsible, caring male adults who now have their own happy lives. They didn’t suffer with my working career. It takes two working parents sometimes to provide what you want for them. Just be there for them in any capacity. Loving them and nurturing them is mostly quality time and not always quantity time. They know they’re loved! From the looks on their faces, you’re a wonderful mother!

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