Sunday Six

Happy Sunday, y’all! I’m going to start a new blog series called Sunday Six. Let’s be real, it probably won’t be every single Sunday, but I will try to feed your hunger and do it as many times as I’m able. This way, you can keep up with this Mexican Vanilla family!

1. Bubba had his 15 month check up on Monday. Still only weighs 21 lbs but grew 2 inches like a skinny weed that he is. Updates for him? Still super obsessed with his mama. He’s a stalker. I use the restroom with him sitting on my lap, if you cared for a visual. Favorite toy: sticks.

2. Bluebonnet picture -check! I finally got the kids in the same picture with our little patch of bluebonnets. Kapri took it very seriously.

3. Favorite new book is this one right here. Super cute for young and old alike!

4. We got new chicks. Yep… we are going to be chick parents again this Spring. Don’t forget, we have 6 full grown, egg-laying chickens already. But that’s not good enough for my husband, so he bought 8 new chicks. Now we have to grow these chicks and when they get bigger, introduce them to our original 6 hens in the coop. And apparently when you introduce new chicks to existing chickens, it’s an all out butt- pecking war. That should be exciting. Survival of the fittest.

5. Daniel and I made our annual trip to Warrenton, Round Top, Texas yesterday. We’ve been going for 5 years and it’s changed a lot, but still fun! Tents and tents of antiques and people asking too much money for junk, but if you stick it out, you may find your diamond in the rough. The cold front blew in with rain, but since we are such committed antiquers, we stuck it out (with no jacket). True fans.

6. I told my oldest child to take a nap in her room. Check out this picture and let me know if she’s sleeping.

That concludes this blog post on Sunday Six. I’m going to spend the rest of the day with this family of mine and these kids that won’t nap.

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