Sunday Six 4.14

Another Sunday is here. I blinked and the weekend is coming to a close. It’s been a fun and exciting week for our family! Let’s recap.

1. Climber. Ezra can climb onto all furniture now. My stress and anxiety level has now reached new heights. I’m actually cool with the climbing, it’s the fact that he just throws himself off instead of getting down the correct way. He took a hard fall this week off the couch. Maybe he learned his lesson? Nope. Went right back up. Is that a boy thing? Now I’m working on harnessing his “no fear” mentality.

2. Garden. We planted a garden! I’m so excited! Daniel made the raised bed out of reclaimed wood. I only have one right now. I’m happy with one, ok. Would I like two? Yes. I can’t ask too much out of the man! He tells me patience. I might have two next spring. Check back then. Ha. I’ll stop my rambling. Anyways, I am really excited. This is our veggie garden. Tomatoes, bell peppers, serrano peppers and zucchini. I really hope I can do this whole gardening thing so I can really complete my Joanna Gaines checklist.

3. Axe throwing date night. We tried out the whole axe throwing craze. And we didn’t die! Yay! It was a lot of fun, but also extremely frustrating. I did well in the beginning, but then the axe wasn’t sticking in the wood. Of course Daniel did pretty great. {eye roll}. The best way to describe my success would be as if I was bowling and got a gutter ball every. single.time. Except once. In the zombie apocalypse, an axe wouldn’t be my weapon of choice, apparently. Even though I wasn’t very successaxeful, {wink}, I’ve wanted to practice axe throwing at home. It’s pretty addicting. Until naxe {wink} time!

4. Disney on Ice. We took big sis to Disney on Ice, and I don’t know about her, but I had the Truly magical. I even teared up! Kapri tried to sit with me and I was like um, no interruptions right now, child! Mommy is enjoying the show, sweetheart. No, but in all seriousness I think she really enjoyed it too, Daniel as well. Highly recommend!

5. Flowers. I finally got around to planting a few spring flowers in my old rusty wheel barrel. A new fun, little update around the house. Te gusta?

6. Game of Thrones. We are so ready! These kids are going to bed early tonight!

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for keeping up with this Mexican Vanilla family!

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