Boy Tantrums

Hi everyone! Sorry for my hiatus! Life is life, am I right? I thought what better way than to get back in the swing of things is to talk about tantrums. Nothing like your irrational and melodramatic offspring throwing some shade, especially in public.

Through my experience thus far, boy tantrums are completely different than girl tantrums. A girl tantrum usually consists of a high-pitch, deafening squeal or scream with the body convulsing like an exorcism. And they usually last a good 30 minutes to an hour, on a good day.

Our boy tantrum has been a lot different, at least for the first-born Mexican Vanilla boy. Is it wrong that I actually look forward to his tantrums because he looks so darn adorable? When Ezra doesn’t get what he wants, or is upset about something, he likes to throw himself on the floor and then lay there completely still. No crying. No talking. Just still, on his stomach. Of course if we try to pick him up he just goes limp noodle.

All those parents out there know exactly what I’m talking about – the whole limp noodle, no bones in body, brick ton of a kid that dislocates their shoulder bones because they don’t want to get picked up kind of thing.

I have come to the conclusion that he has 2 different types of tantrums. The majority of the time it’s the ‘laying down on his stomach in protest’ that lasts a minute or so, or he gets whatever toy or object he has, looks at you like he doesn’t give a rats, you know what, and chunks it.  Sometimes he will grab his sister’s toys just to be spiteful and look at me with a frown. And I know what that means. That look from that face says it all. Proceeds to throw said toy after we make eye contact – no noise from him, just a frown on his face. Thus creating a cause and effect – which is his whole purpose. He messes with her toys, she gets upset which then leads to the girl tantrum that is much worse.  Smart play on his part making us have to deal with her tantrum now. What does he do he do while we are dealing with Kapri’s tantrum? Nothing. Straight chills with content. Cheers to you Ezra Duke! You little intelligent and adorable boy.

These first pictures are him in a public, at Target on the dirty floor. Why was he throwing a tantrum? No clue. Clearly didn’t feel like being in Target Or listening to us.

Here’s a good one of his frown and shoulder shrug.

Don’t mind the dirty floor, my kids have no respect for a clean carpet.

 Here’s him because my mom told him to go down the slide the right way and he didn’t wanna.

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