Bubba is Two!

Bubba! Bubbasaurus! Bubba Duke Man! Ezra Duke!

Holy moly! Where do I begin? First of all. I can’t believe you are 2. Life is flying way too fast. You are growing into the most amazing, sweet and handsome little boy. From your deep brown eyes and expressive eyebrows, to your small butt (like daddy) and skinny legs, you are perfect. God has truly blessed us. There are so many things I want to capture and make sure I remember about you being this little, it’s so hard to remember it all and write it in just one post.

A little recap of your second year old self:

You don’t say a lot of words, but you do say some like: ball, again, ma-ma, da, duck, bubbles and of course the famous and trademarked, deep-voiced “yea”. You are our YES man! There are very few times you shake your head no. We will forever remember your deep “Yea’s”.

You have been obsessed with your papa, but I think we are finally weaning you off. Now you only get it at nap and bed time.

You go to bed every single night with a car. You have to have a Hot Wheels or some type of car or tractor with you. Sometimes it’s a moo cow, but there’s usually a car somewhere in your crib. You love your sleep. Except lately you have been wanting to stay up late and watch TV with daddy. Typical man.

We had your first trip to the ER. That was so scary for us, but you handled it like a champ. We admire your strength, little boy.

Then you almost had your second trip to the ER in less than a month! You and sister were playing tag, when BAM! You hit the corner of the coffee table with your head and split your eyebrow open. Cried for a few minutes and went back to playing. We are thankful for your incredible pain tolerance. While mama is over there freaking out about to have a heart attack!

What is your favorite food? You have your days where you eat everything and then have your days when you are super picky. You love your fresh eggs, and dipping your foods in ketchup or ranch.

Favorite person? Oh, most definitely your mama. You are a mama’s boy for life! Well you better be! (And you better live close to me when you are grown and come over so I can make you dinner, and call me every day, and want us to go on family trips with you and your family.) As soon as I get home from work, it’s all over. You are attached at my hip.

You and sister. The love you have for each other makes my heart melt every day. You adore your sister, and you also love to piss her off. She adores you, but also loves to piss you off. Oh the joys of sibling-hood.

Favorite toys. Well of course, cars. You also love your tractors and dump trucks…anything with wheels! You love your farm animals, especially the cows and you are showing more interest in dinosaurs.

Happy Birthday, bubba! We are obsessed with your life!

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