Surprise Date Challenge No. 2

We finally had our second surprise date! It was supposed to happen in May, but May was crazy. Then it was supposed to happen in June and June was crazy. It’s not always easy carving time out for dates, but we finally did this past Saturday.

It was Daniel’s turn to surprise me. I LOVE surprises, but I can almost always figure out what he’s getting me or what he’s doing. It’s not like I try to ruin surprises for myself, it’s just that my brain can usually figure it out. Then I get mad at myself for ruining my own surprise. It’s a blessing and a curse – anyone else feel my pain?

Anywho – let’s get to the date.

Originally this was going to be a “just us” date, but since we missed the kids so much when we were in the Bahamas, he wanted to take them with us. So it turned into a family date!

Let’s go over the rules of the challenge.

The challenge rules:

  1. The date planner must not disclose any details of the date
  2. The date planner is to advise what ‘the surprised” should wear
  3. The date planner and the surprised switch roles every other date.

The family surprise date started early – we were out of the house at about 8:30 a.m.

Breakfast was in the car – he picked up some tacos for us all. He surprised me with my beloved carne quisada and cheese. The oooey, gooey melted cheese with meat and gravy really hit the spot. Alright, alright…I’m digging this date so far.

He said it was going to be a ride so I knew it wasn’t going to be in San Antonio. We rode for about an hour or so and found ourselves in Wimberley, TX.

First Stop – Wimberley Market Days 

We have been wanting to go to these market days for a while so I was super excited when we pulled up. Ok. Ok. Brownie points for the hubbs – not bad, not bad at all. They have a lot of antiques and handmade items – which is what we love. The kids did AMAZING. We gotta teach ’em young how to hunt for antiques and treasures. I found a cute, vintage bird cage and a fig tree. That kind of stuff excites me. Haha.

First stop was a success! We can’t wait to go back.

img_1627img_1631img_1632img_1634img_1637img_1641img_1643img_1644bird cage


Second Stop – Lunch at The Back Porch in Wimberley, TX 

We went to the CUTEST place for lunch. It’s called The Back Porch. It’s exactly how it sounds, a back porch restaurant – right next to the river.  The restaurant was hidden only two miles away from the market days.  The weather was perfect, the service was great and the food was delicious. You can swim in that part of the river in front of the restaurant and they have live music in the evenings. Our kind of place. Damn, he’s done good.



Our family date was perfect. I kinda love him a little bit more.. 🙂

I still don’t know how he found that cute little restaurant on the river – he really surprised me!

(P.S. – the kids did so good. We both talked about how well they did. The date could have gone the total opposite if Kapri had one of her toddler, life-ending meltdowns. Phew. Glad we avoided that. )

Next month is my turn! I already have it all planned out in my head.

Have you taken the challenge?

Mexican Vanilla Took the Bahamas


It’s been a while since my last blog post. Sorry! We were a little busy vacationing in the Bahamas. I’m glad you’re here so you can read all about our trip. I’ll be quick and add mostly pictures, I promise.

This trip was the second “Friends Vacation Trip”, but our first.  The idea started several years ago when all of us couples decided we need to take a trip before everyone started having babies. Oh, perfect! Let’s do it! (Most of you know what happened next.) Then we got pregnant with Kapri a few months before.  Since it was to Antigua, we decided it was best we miss the trip.  Fast forward two years and the second trip was scheduled. This time we could go!

To be honest, I had anxiety about this trip ever since Ezra was born. The trip was booked and I didn’t want to back out, but I didn’t want to leave my new baby or Kapri. In the weeks leading up to the trip I felt excited, worried, anxious, stressed… all the above. My mom was going to have the kids the whole week and I knew she would take great care of them, but what if they needed Mama? All those thoughts went running through my head.

The night before we left we stayed at my parents. I cried almost the whole way there and told Daniel that I didn’t want to go. Screw the money and let’s just stay home with our babies.  He looked at me and rolled his eyes and told me we were going. Ha.

All of us couples have kids, so with that and work, it’s not easy to schedule a time that everyone can go on such a big vacation like this. There were a few couples that weren’t able to attend this trip. We had so much fun without them though. Haha. Just Kidding! Y’all were so missed!!

The couples in attendance:

Me and Daniel

Courtney and Geoff

Kelly and Danny


Day 1 

We arrived at our resort, Sandals Royal Bahamian, around noon. We were the first couple to arrive. At Sandals, it’s all inclusive – drinks, food, snorkeling, etc.! I ordered myself a pina colada the minute we got there! Here’s a look at Day 1 in Nassau, Bahamas!


Day 2 

We relaxed by the pool the majority of the day and then had a wine tasting in the evening. We had reservations at 9:30 for one of their fancy restaurants so we got all dressed up. (They have two restaurants out of the 10 on the resort that require reservations and nicer attire.) Any who, let’s just say our dinner plans didn’t go according to planned… we  totally went to the wrong restaurant. Oops! We had a lot of fun laughing at it later.


img_1182img_1187img_1197group picimg_1207

Day 3 

We went snorkeling in the afternoon. It was Daniel’s second time going snorkeling and he didn’t get sick! Yay! I don’t know why, but watching him swim makes me laugh. Maybe because he’s so big and bulky. Then one of his flippers came off in the water and he was too scared to dive and grab it so I had to get it for him. Who would have thought? Haha. Here’s a look at Day 3!



Day 4

We spent the day at the private island. Sandals has their own little private island offshore, separate from the main Nassau island. It was so quiet and relaxing. We all had such a great time. We even got to see a sea turtle – thanks to the luck of the Irish! Then we had to ride the boat back to the resort in a monsoon rain. That was an experience. Here’s a little look into Day 4!


Day 5

We took a trip to downtown Nassau (on a tight little bus) and did some shopping, saw the historical Queen’s Stair Case, and visited the John Watlings Distillery – only found in the Bahamas. Here’s a look at Day 5!



Day 6

Our last day! It was bittersweet. We enjoyed relaxing and eating all the food and drinking all the drinks, but we all couldn’t wait to get home to our babies.



We had a great time in the Bahamas with our best friends. A lot of sleep, a lot of drinks and a lot of food.  The next trip is already in the works, we just might have to bring our kids with us since we missed them like crazy!

Shout out to my parents for taking such great care of my babies, and for always answering my face time calls and texting me back right away.   I know I can go a little crazy if you don’t respond within 10 seconds. Hehe. WE SURVIVED!






Morgan’s Wonderland Adventure Day

Yesterday we had our first trip to Morgan’s Wonderland and let’s just say, Kapri had the. time. of. her. little. life.

Morgan’s Wonderland is an ultra-accessible theme park for guests of all ages and abilities. Their mission to provide a safe and fun place free of physical and economic barriers, is inspirational and a reason we will be back time and time again.

They have two parks now – Morgan’s Wonderland and now a waterpark – Morgan’s Inspiration Island.

I’m not sure how crowded it gets on a weekend, but going on a Friday was perfect. It wasn’t very crowded and we never had to wait in line. I’m pretty sure Daniel and Kapri rode the carousel at least 6 times in a row. Ezra had his first carousel ride too!


Kapri explored the huge jungle gyms, drove a truck, shopped for some groceries, played in the sensory room, and so much more – all with a huge smile on her face. She could do everything! We also took a family train ride. Ezra LOVED it!


It was getting pretty hot, so we decided to head on over to the water park. We had a toddler tantrum for a while because Kapri refused to put her swimsuit bottoms on. Then Ezra was missing his nap, so he started screaming too. It’s not a fun trip unless you have some meltdowns, right?

The water park has 5 different splash pads, and a boat ride. We didn’t make it to the boat ride this trip, because Kapri found her favorite spot at Shipwreck Island. This is where the slides are. When she figured out she wasn’t scare of going down the slide by herself, we realized she wasn’t going to leave. This particular splash pad also has one of those suspenseful water buckets that drop a substantial amount of water every 5 minutes or so. I thought she would be scared when the water forcefully dumped all over her. Nope. It seemed to only energize her more, like a battery. A happy, little toddler battery. Ezra was able to splash in the water too –  he liked staring at the water trying to figure out life and what not.




We spent a while at the splash pad. Then it was time to go home. Yep. Time to go home. It was sad crushing her little toddler dreams, but it had to happen some time. She was reluctant, but as soon as Daniel picked her up she rested her head on his shoulder.

It was a day well spent.

Here are just a few pictures of yesterday’s adventures! We can’t wait to go back!




Farm Yoga and Wine

I love yoga. I love the farm.  Farm Yoga? Count me in!

This past Saturday my good friend, Courtney, and I had our first experience with Farm Yoga.  Goats + Yoga + Wine. Yes, please!


The event was at  Medina River Winery which is just a few minutes away from my house. We laid our yoga mats on a big black tarp in the middle of a field. The weather was beautiful except is was REALLLYYY HOT. It was 6 in the evening so it wasn’t the hottest of the day, but again, we were in a field with no shade. The crop that was growing next to us was some maize, I believe. I knew you were wondering. They call it Farm Yoga for a reason.


There were several goats running around, and we were able to take a picture with one right before the class started. Then yoga commenced. The goats really didn’t want anything to do with us, and mostly ran around the outskirts of the mat. We were patiently waiting for them to come and kiss us and climb on us as we did our yoga. You know, fulfilling all our expectations of goats trampling us. Nope. They probably thought we were insane doing yoga on a field in the heat. Like these people are crazy, why am I going to go jump on their back?

You could hear them baa’ing as you did your yoga breathing. Most likely talking smack about our poses. One of the mommy goats actually did come on the tarp, just to pee and poop. That made me actually kind of glad they didn’t really come bother us during the class. A happy baby pose in goat poop? No thank you. Towards the end of the class they released a goose and some chickens. The goose was not shy. He had no problem walking on everyone’s mat.


Once the class was finished (it was about a 30 minute class) we had the opportunity to take as many pictures as we wanted and hang out with the animals. That’s when they put the goats on your back if you wanted a picture.  It looks all cute seeing one of the goats kissing my face, right? Well that was actually her baby that was on my back and she was baa’ing telling him to get down, I’m sure.  Makes for a cute picture though! Ha.

goat yoga3goat yoga2

After the hot, almost bikram yoga was done and we got all the pictures we wanted, we headed inside to the tasting room. We tasted 6 different wines.  It was the perfect end to our little farm yoga and wine experience.


Although the goats weren’t climbing all over us while we did yoga like I originally thought, we still had a really fun evening.  I’m sure it’s different every time depending on the animals temperaments. I would recommend going when the weather cools down since it is outside. Bring your girlfriends, and it makes for a fun girls night out!

Side Note: the hubby stayed home and watched the kids. They all survived! Yay! Granted, both kids were sleeping the whole time, but still. Kudos to him. Looks like I’ll need to plan some more girls nights!


Beach Trippin’ with the Duke Man

The littlest of the Mexican Vanilla babes took his first trip to the beach this past Memorial Day weekend to Padre Island. It was a gorgeous day for the beach – breezy and sunny.  Kapri jumped the waves and played in the sand, being her crazy toddler self. Daniel jumped the waves and played in the sand, being his crazy toddler-man self. I don’t know about you, but I prefer not to be buried and covered in sand, but Daniel loves it. Our kids will always have a daddy that’s up (or down?) for being buried in the sand. That works for me.


Ezra chilled, like the tubster he is, under the umbrella for the majority of the time until he was ready to venture out. When he did, it was nothing short of an adorable baby digging his little chubby feet in the sand and looking precious – having no idea what’s happening or going on while his mom acted like a crazy paparazzi person trying to get pictures of him and his sister.  He’s a mama pleaser so he went along with it. Everyone had a great time. First beach trip for the Duke Man – in the books.


Later that evening we went to our favorite restaurant in Rockport, The Boiling Pot.  It was delicious, as always. Have you been there? If you haven’t, I highly recommend the next time you are down at the Texas coast!




Kapri’s Birth Story

Kapri was not planned by us, but she was definitely always planned by God.

Where do I start? Let’s go back to the beginning.

The month is February 2015. Daniel and I had just booked a trip to  Antigua in June with all of our friends. It was going to be our first couples trip before everyone started having babies. (oops.) It was nearing the end of the month and I was a day or so late. I didn’t think anything of it to be honest. The next day passed and I still hadn’t “started”. That’s weird. I go and ask my boss at the time how soon she took a pregnancy test and she said the first day she missed. Fast forward a few hours and we are both in a bathroom at work and I’m peeing on a stick. My heart was racing and my palms were sweaty. It felt like forever waiting for the results. I looked at the stick, and it said negative (or so I thought). It had a very, very faint line. At the time I thought it had to be an extremely dark line to be positive.

To be honest, I was disappointed. I mean, we weren’t trying to have a baby or anything, but deep down I wanted the test to say positive. I get home after work and I decided to read the directions for the pregnancy test. Why now would I read the directions? Any-who, I was looking at the pictures of a positive pregnancy test and it said, “Even if the line is very faint, it is positive.” Uh, that looks EXACTLY how mine looked. Am I pregnant? I grabbed the second pregnancy test from my bag and took it. The results came back the same, a very faint line. Holy Moly. I think I’m pregnant.

I couldn’t stop trembling as I waited for Daniel to get home. It was baseball season so of course he had practice and the night was dragggiiinnngg. He got home and while he was eating dinner, I told him, “I think I’m pregnant.”

He looked at me and said, “Well what about the trip?” Seriously? The first thing that came to your mind was the trip? It wasn’t an, OMG I’m going to be a dad, or ahh let’s dance in the kitchen and celebrate type of reaction I was secretly hoping for. It was kinda like he looked at me wondering how it happened. Well we know how it happened – February 8th to be exact. To this day, he will tell you I tricked him. Oh ok, we all know how that works.

A few days later at 2:30 a.m. I decided to take a digital test and it read ‘Pregnant’. Yep. I was pregnant.


I was always extremely tired in my first trimester and suffered from this intense pain in my left side, but other than that my pregnancy was fairly easy. We decided to not go on the trip after all, it was bitter sweet.


At 20 weeks we found out it was a girl. I always thought I would have a boy first – so he could protect his younger siblings and what not.  I felt bad because I kept calling the baby a “he” and she was a “she”. I had no idea at the time that this little girl was perfectly made to be our first.

Daniel kept telling me he felt so stressed already and I’ll always remember him saying, “I wanted to worry about just one penis, and now I have to worry about all these other penises.” He told me it’s different, it’s different having a girl over a boy. My poor husband. The teenage years might cause him some gray hair.

My pregnancy progressed and around 34 weeks I went in for a routine ultrasound. Everything was normal except the baby was breech. The doctor said she still had time to turn and there’s enough fluid for her to do it. Ok. I’m sure she will.


36 weeks came around. The baby was still breech. We talked about the procedure to flip the baby, but my doctor didn’t recommend it because the risks were high. I decided to opt out. We went ahead and scheduled a c-section for October 21, 2015, a week before my original due date. If she was still breech, then he would have to do a c-section. I still felt like she would flip. It didn’t hit me that I might have to have a c- section.

I always envisioned how my delivery would go – I would deliver my baby “naturally”. Everything would go smooth – I mean, I’ve got the hips for it. I also felt like there was a stigma around c-sections. I didn’t want one. I shouldn’t have to get one.

The night before my scheduled c-section, I couldn’t sleep. I just laid awake holding my belly and praying she would turn. She was moving A LOT – she had to flip, she had to. 6 a.m. rolled around and we were reporting to the hospital. They hooked me up to the monitors and went over all the documents and what not. None of it felt real. It was kinda like an out-of-body experience for me. I felt like she turned, and they were going to tell me to go home.

The nurse came to do one last ultrasound just in case she flipped. My fingers were crossed. Nope. She didn’t. She was still breech. A few minutes later I was walking to the OR.

It was all surreal. Am I really going to have a c-section right now? I’m sitting on the table while the epidural is being injected into my spine thinking, why didn’t she flip? Was something wrong with me and she couldn’t?  I was so scared. The numbness soon took over and I was laying down waiting for them to begin. A few minutes go by and the doctors were pushing and pulling – I felt like I was being jerked around the table. The doctor made a comment that the baby was pretty far ‘up there’ and was struggling to pull her out – stubborn much? (Totally not a depiction of how she is now, ha). They warned us she might have some bruising on her legs from all the pulling.

Finally. She was out. The room was silent. Why isn’t she crying? What’s wrong.  My heart sank. The few seconds turned into a lifetime as I was waiting to hear her cry. Then she did. It was the sweetest music to my ears. The tears rolled down my cheeks. I was a mommy. She was here. She was beautiful. She was perfect. Kapri Maribelle Soto was born on October 21, 2015 at 8:57 a.m., weighing 7 lbs 3.5 oz and 20.5 inches long. At that point, I wasn’t thinking about how I gave birth to her, but that I did give birth to her. I did it. 


The recovery in the hospital was rough. I wasn’t able to do much. I felt like all she did was nurse and I never slept because I had to watch her and make sure she was still breathing, like all new moms do right? Daniel had to change all of her diapers – I remember him telling me he wouldn’t ever change diapers. Ha. If you’ve had a c-section you know you don’t want to laugh – it’s like your incision will open right back up if you do. {Side note, I’m going to invent a stick that moms can use in the hospital when their husbands fall asleep in a deep sleep, called “You Better Wake Your Ass Up and Take This Baby – Slapping Stick”. Throwing ice chips and shoes did not work.}



We were in the hospital for two nights and then we were released to go home. I remember Daniel and I thinking, so the nurses are just going to let us go home… alone with this baby? They’ve been helping us this whole time. They trust us with her? Please, please, come home with us.

I’d say we’ve done a pretty great job so far. Adventurous, spirited, loving, gracious, independent, confident, sassy, girly and frilly, tomboy-ish, rambunctious, silly, cute, funny, and big sister are just a few words that describe our little first-born, Tarzan baby.

To the girl that made me a mommy, thank you for giving me my purpose in this world.  I will continue to try to be the very best I can for you, and now your brother too. Your daddy and I are so proud and blessed you are ours. 



Why the name Kapri? Way back in high school my very best friend, who is now Kapri’s godmother, did a dance solo to the song by Colbie Caillet called ‘Capri’. That’s when I fell in love with the name. When I told Daniel what I wanted to name her, he agreed it was perfect, and it truly is. She’s our angel. I changed the first letter to a K to match mine. 




Fiesta Flambeau Tradition and Baby’s First Hair Cut

Viva Fiesta!

Yesterday Kapri went to her first Fiesta Flambeau Parade, and it did not disappoint. Familia in attendance: Kapri, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Aron and a preggers, Aunt Bre. (Ezra stayed home with Grandma and Pops, and watched the parade on TV.)

We started the evening around 4 p.m. so we had plenty of time to walk around and eat. It was really hard finding some good food. Ha. Just Kidding. There are literally food tents for miles. We hunkered down at the San Fernando Cathedral and drank some aqua frescas, ate some fajita tacos, brisket tacos, chicken on a stick, turkey legs, corn in the cup, funnel cakes… then had some more aqua frescas. Watermelon and mango agua frescas were the choice drinks of the evening. ME GUSTA AQUA FRESCAS!

We then proceeded to our parade seats at Alamo Plaza. The weather was PERFECT. Kapri was enjoying herself jumping around from seat to seat – the sugar from eating an entire funnel cake totally kicked in. She even made a little friend that was sitting near us.

Kapri loved seeing all the floats and listening to the music from the bands. We all had a FIESTA-ful time. First Annual Fiesta Flambeau Parade Family Tradition in the books! Here’s our night in pictures.





Baby’s First Hair Cut 

Ezra the Duke Man got his first hair cut today…at four months old. Cutting a little baby’s hair was totally nerve wrecking. Considering he was moving like crazy, and I didn’t cut his ear off, I feel like I did a pretty good job. (But I won’t be showing you a picture of the back of his head by his neck… I’m gonna say that part was done by Kapri.)

My little baby is now a big boy baby. #tear

Surprise Date Challenge No. 1

Hey ya’ll! So my husband and I started a challenge, a Surprise Date Challenge. We usually struggle to decide where to go or what to do, or go on the same date – sushi and a movie.   We love our traditional date, but I wanted to change things up. That leads us here, to the beginning of the Surprise Date Challenge.

The challenge rules:

(We will use “the surprised” and the “date planner”)

  1. The date planner must not disclose any details of the date ( Some clues are fine. I chose no clues muahaha.)
  2. The date planner is to advise what ‘the surprised” should wear – don’t want to wear a dress to go hiking, right?
  3. The date planner and the surprised switch roles each month.

(Daniel drove everywhere, I just told him where to go. I still like to be chauffeured. Hehe.)

I was the one to start the challenge as the date planner.  Sometimes <cough-cough> my husband needs me to show him how things are done. I felt like I set the bar pretty high. You be the judge.

Our first stop

Vines on the Rocks Winery. We have driven past this vineyard millions of times (it is literally 5 minutes from our house) and have always wanted to stop.   I thought it would be the perfect place to start our date.


We did a wine tasting and it just so happened, they were offering a FREE glass of wine in honor of Fiesta! Viva Awesome!


I got a glass of sweet red wine and Daniel got the Tempranillo – which is one of their wines straight from the vineyard. The atmosphere was amazing and the people were even better. They made us feel right at home. We could’ve spent all evening there.  I can’t wait to go back. First stop was a success!

The second stop: 

Dinner at Burgerteca. It was a cute, casual and relaxed little place in Southtown of San Antonio, next to the San Antonio River. We started dinner with some drinks. Michelada for Daniel and a Sangria for me – one of the best I’ve had.


Then for our meal: Chile Con Queso Burger, Mexican Street Dog, Big Tex Crispy Dog and Queso Fundido Fries. I’ll leave the pictures so you can salivate.







And yes, it tasted as good as it looks. It was deliciosooooooo yummy. Hungry yet?


The last stop: 

Dessert at Steel City Pops. It was just a few blocks away from Burgerteca in South Town. Gourmet popsicles with a very industrial modern atmosphere.


Daniel tried the Lemon Creme and I got the Strawberry Shortcake dipped in white chocolate with drizzle of milk chocolate on top.

It was the perfect end to our date!

We had an amazing time and Daniel loved it. He had no idea what I had planned, which made it so fun! It’s not easy to make time for each other with two kids, but we’ve learned it is SO important!  I remember with Kapri, we didn’t go on a date until Kapri was one! (We did have to stop at Walmart after all the shenanigans though, had to get Ezra some bigger pajamas for his chub self – always living that parent life.)

Next month, it’s Daniel’s turn. He says he already has it all planned out (I’m pretty sure he’s freaking out trying to think how he’s going to top mine)…. I guess we shall see. Stay tuned for next month!

Are you ready to take the challenge?









Chicken Littles

My husband has a new obsession: chickens.

We recently got four baby chicks as a Easter gift from my brother, and boy have these little chicks made their way into my husband’s heart. Every day he gets home he goes straight to those chickens – if he were to change diapers like the way he cleans out the chicken box, our kids would have pristine cheeks.

Meet his little girls:


Duckey – It only makes sense to name a chicken, Duckey, am I right? She’s the diva of the group. I mean, just look at that head turn!

Smokey – This one is his favorite. She can do no wrong. #daddysgirl

Rango – She’s the crazy one, always trying to fly out and what  not. The rebel. She will be the teenager that causes her daddy a lot of stress. Hmm… kinda like Kapri. Uh-oh.

Arlo – The shy and quiet one, pretending shes inconspicuous so Kaprizilla doesn’t try to pick her up. (Her name comes from the Good Dinosaur, one of our fave movies.)

Yes, I totally gave them all personifications.

He spends countless hours researching about his little pride and joys, and the type of chicken coop he wants to build. When the kids are both asleep you would think he would help clean up or cuddle up on the couch, no.  As you can see him pictured below, he is watching YouTube videos about chicken coops while eating ice cream, of course. He has no idea I took this photo. Ha! 


They are currently housed in a plastic tub, but he has big plans for them! I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines, our bff’s, but they recently aired an episode where they built a garden with a chicken run around it. Well people, that’s what we are going to do. Except this is all about the chickens, I’m just lucky enough for a few square feet for my garden.

He cleared out the spot where it’s all going to go. Working hard. Looking all rugged. Making his little chicks proud.


His plan is to build the entire coop and garden boxes out of salvaged wood. We love us some reclaimed wood!

We don’t have much time before the little chickens aren’t so little anymore so wish us luck, and stay tuned for the finished product in a few weeks!


The Beginning of Mexican Vanilla

Mex VanillaHey ya’ll, this is my first official blog post. Eeek, I’m nervous. I’m trying really hard to be grammatically correct, but also trying to add in my sense of humor and my everyday slang. Bear with me.

Why Mexican Vanilla you ask? Well, well, well, let’s take it back to the year two thousand and ten. You see, my then boyfriend and now husband – Daniel – and I decided we wanted some ice cream. We stumbled into the little ice cream shop called Amy’s Ice Cream. As we were salivating at the mouth trying to figure out what we wanted, we noticed a flavor called ‘Mexican Vanilla’. We had to try it and as fate prevailed, it became our FAVORITE flavor. We mixed it with crushed Oreos and strawberries. Go TRY IT, you will not be disappointed.

And then I realized,  “OMG, this is totally us. You are the Mexican and I am the Vanilla! Get it?” <Cue the light bulb in my head and Daniel rolling his eyes because he got it way before me.>

A few years down the line and many scoops of Mexican Vanilla ice cream later, we had our first Mexican Vanilla baby, a girl, Kapri. We couldn’t stop at just one and last December we welcomed our second Mexican Vanilla baby, a boy, Ezra.  Both the perfect mix of us.

So now here we are. Our little family. A little bit of Mexican, a little bit of Vanilla – a true (and literal) reflection of us. I’m excited to document our lives and adventures as a Mexican Vanilla family. Welcome to our sweet life. Grab some Oreos and strawberries and enjoy yourself.