Soto Wood Co.

My husband developed a love for woodworking maybe a year or so before we got married. He would spend countless hours at our old house in the garage, he called a ‘shop’,  building little things or trying to get rust off old tools. He went through this phase where he would try to find rusty tools at yard sales and flea markets to refurbish them. The potential! He would be so excited to show me how much rust he got off a hammer or an old saw  – imagine this big guy being all excited. Adorable.

Our love for reclaimed wood quickly grew too. Partly because we didn’t want to spend money on new wood, but mostly because we liked the whole distressed/old look. We would go out when neighborhoods had bulk trash pickups and dig through their “trash”. It sounds crazy, I know, but it was honestly so much fun. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, am I right?  We drove down the roads and I would be the one to roll down the window to scope and inspect the junk pile, and then tell Daniel if it was worth digging through. Yep. We are totally those people. This was the time before the whole Farmhouse decor became super popular. We found a ton of old windows and doors – the stuff people now sell.. All for FREE. We used a lot of it at our wedding.

Fast forward to now and Daniel has built and created some amazing things! He’s able to build pretty much anything. Oh, my hero! <Insert a fainting woman.> Our goal is to eventually have ALL of our furniture in our house built by him. Where did he learn how to do all this? He has a natural talent and then he watches a bunch of YouTube! He loves his YouTube. I would also call him a pallet collector. We have piles and piles of pallets. He picks up pallets at least once a week. He’s a pallet connoisseur and our land is a pallet museum. As I was leaving for work this morning, I kid you not, there were two pallets on the ground he must have picked up on the way home. Nice. We only have 100 other pallets that have taken root into the ground.


I have a whole list of things I want him to do. Again, a WHOLE list of things I want him to do…. We will be out shopping around and I will want something and he will say “Oh, I can build that.” Ok.  Yea, you can, but I want it right now. I’ll admit, I lack some patience. I guess a full time job and ensuring good craftsmanship is a good excuse.

Our dream would be to open up our own woodworking shop, and call it – Soto Wood Co., or something like that.  We’ve already completed a few custom orders, which is really exciting! His current project is the building of the chicken coop and garden boxes. The next project on the list is a sliding barn door for our closet. I’ll be sure to post the process and plans for that one!

Here are some pictures of just a few things he has built.
bar kitchenThis is the awning over our kitchen window. There was too much space in between the window and the ceiling and it looked awkward. I used my Joanna Gaines juju and designed the awning. It really adds dimension and that Farmhouse look to the kitchen. All reclaimed wood.


bar 3wood bar 2wood barThis is the bar that he built for his brother, and now wife as their wedding present. I totally wanted to keep it. All from reclaimed wood and tin. I think the only thing he bought brand new were the screws. So far, this is his most proud piece. He worked so hard on the craftsmanship, I bet it will withstand years and years of use.


headboardThe headboard in our bedroom. All from reclaimed wood from an old fence. It looks better with the bed done, but Kapri pulled it all of so..


wood tableHere is a tv stand that was built for a client. The ‘X’ design on the sides give it that Farmhouse look.


Chicken Coop Update

The Chickens.

The chickens are in the pre-teen/ teenage stage and have been upgraded to the luxury of a dog crate. Their feathers are starting to come in nicely, but they look super awkward.  This is the time where they are really trying to find their identity – no more cute little chicks. Their claws are starting to get bigger and longer – which is totally freaky. I think chicken claws have made my list of things that terrify me. If Daniel were to play a cruel joke on me, it would be touching me with a chicken claw. Eeekk…it’s giving me the chills thinking about it.


Anyways…they are growing fast and becoming more daring. I’ve noticed that they like to make eye contact – which is a little unsettling. Dang, am I scared of the chickens? Daniel was out of town this past week and I had to feed them. I would say it’s like a Jack in the Box. You never know when one is going to come at you out of nowhere. You can prepare yourself,  but it will still scare the crap out of you. Please tell me I’m not the only one with chicken anxiety.



The Coop Update.

We made some progress this past weekend on the coop. The floor is done, yay!  I still have no idea what it’s going to look like, but I am excited!

Apparently chickens lay better eggs when they have windows in the coop, so we are going to Habitat for Humanity this weekend to look for some.

Here are some pictures of the progress so far!








Chicken Littles

My husband has a new obsession: chickens.

We recently got four baby chicks as a Easter gift from my brother, and boy have these little chicks made their way into my husband’s heart. Every day he gets home he goes straight to those chickens – if he were to change diapers like the way he cleans out the chicken box, our kids would have pristine cheeks.

Meet his little girls:


Duckey – It only makes sense to name a chicken, Duckey, am I right? She’s the diva of the group. I mean, just look at that head turn!

Smokey – This one is his favorite. She can do no wrong. #daddysgirl

Rango – She’s the crazy one, always trying to fly out and what  not. The rebel. She will be the teenager that causes her daddy a lot of stress. Hmm… kinda like Kapri. Uh-oh.

Arlo – The shy and quiet one, pretending shes inconspicuous so Kaprizilla doesn’t try to pick her up. (Her name comes from the Good Dinosaur, one of our fave movies.)

Yes, I totally gave them all personifications.

He spends countless hours researching about his little pride and joys, and the type of chicken coop he wants to build. When the kids are both asleep you would think he would help clean up or cuddle up on the couch, no.  As you can see him pictured below, he is watching YouTube videos about chicken coops while eating ice cream, of course. He has no idea I took this photo. Ha! 


They are currently housed in a plastic tub, but he has big plans for them! I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines, our bff’s, but they recently aired an episode where they built a garden with a chicken run around it. Well people, that’s what we are going to do. Except this is all about the chickens, I’m just lucky enough for a few square feet for my garden.

He cleared out the spot where it’s all going to go. Working hard. Looking all rugged. Making his little chicks proud.


His plan is to build the entire coop and garden boxes out of salvaged wood. We love us some reclaimed wood!

We don’t have much time before the little chickens aren’t so little anymore so wish us luck, and stay tuned for the finished product in a few weeks!